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"I have exclusively used RaDon since the 80's. They always deliver more than they promise."Luman Wadhams
Luman Wadhams Stables, Warren, Vermont

horse jog sheet with blinker hood

Jog Sheet

Navy & Kelly Green Jog Sheet and Blinker Hood

Navy & Kelly Green Jog Sheet and Blinker Hood

The RaDon Jogging Sheet's cut-back design allows freedom of movement while providing clean protection from the elements - so stop pinning, cutting or folding the fronts of your summer sheets and order a custom-tailored RaDon Jogging Sheet.

Options include: an open or closed front and an additional thermal lining for cooler climates. Made of durable Arctic Nyl.

Blinker Hood

Silver & Royal Blue Jog Sheet

Silver & Royal Blue Jog Sheet

Pro Trainers use the matching RaDon Blinker Hood to keep a horse focused and on task.

Options include: full or half-eye cups and a wide variety of color combinations.